Webflow vs WordPress

December 18, 2020


In this digital age we live in there is literally everything we need or want at the tip of our fingers.  You can activate your phone or flip open your computer, type a few words and you have a bevy of options that can satisfy any question or desire you have. We are all familiar with websites such as Amazon, Netflix, Reddit, etc. Each of these websites are created on a platform which is the foundation for which the website is built. The importance of the platform cannot be overstated when planning and designing the virtual face of your business.

Today we will look at two of the big players in the website platform market which are WordPress and Webflow. Over 30% of all websites are built on WordPress and they own 62% of the market share on websites with known CMS. WordPress has a strong history as they have been in the game for over 15 years and are definitely the world’s most popular way to build a website.


  • Software is free and open-source
  • Easy to expand your website with themes and plugins
  • SEO is built in to the platform
  • Don’t have to be an expert to manage the site
  • Easy to find WP developers.

Webflow on the other hand is less than 10 years old and is still making a name for itself (although in the tech/no-code world it does NOT go unnoticed).


  • Design Freedom with blank canvas
  • User Friendliness of CMS
  • Fast and Clean Code
  • Easy Editing
  • Complete Control
  • Easy to code export

The less responsive and user-friendly your website is will negatively impact your SEO and Google ranking which in turn will reduce the web traffic your site receives. In this digital age that is a dangerous combination. 57% of internet users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed website on mobile.


Webflow! With so many website platforms it isn’t always easy to make the decision of which platform fits your needs the best. The choice you make now can have costly financial implications in the near or distance future. Any website that is not built for the modern internet will greatly impact your SEO which will then have a dramatic impact on your traffic and sales. We love the flexibility that Webflow offers allowing us to make the website just how you want it. There is no PHP and we don’t have to manage those frustrating plugins.

The website of your dreams is not far away or hard to get. The trick is finding out how to get there. Orange Cattle specializes in creative web design and development.