Do I Need A Landing Page?

March 3, 2020

A successful landing page will convert your visitors into leads or customers, and connect them to the right people within your company.

The short answer is: yes, and just about all marketing data supports this. For any small-business and marketer, landing pages are an essential tool for generating leads and sales. After a website visitor clicks on an ad, or another type of link, a landing page is their first touchpoint. The value and relevance of this offer will most definitely have a major impact on whether the visitor converts to a lead or sale. The more specific, the better.

What is a landing page? 

This definition comes from Drift. A landing page is a single web page with a primary call to action typically created in support of a specific campaign or offer. Built with a single goal in mind, landing pages have a significant emphasis on conversion rate performance. Marketing teams very often conduct extensive conversion experiments on landing pages in order to increase the number of leads or sales generated from these pages.

Here are a few examples of well optimized landing pages that keep it simple.

The findings from this study are based on an analysis of 18,639 lead-gen and click-through landing pages that were graded by the Unbounce Landing Page Analyzer and then correlated with each page’s self-reported conversion rate. The analysis examined characteristics of a landing page such as: links, page speed, social proof, mobile-responsiveness, word count and traffic source.


Pages with one call-to-action (meaning one link) have an average conversion rate of 13.50%. On the other hand, landing pages with 5 or more links have an average conversion rate of 10.50%.


(which is largely associated with slow pages). Landing pages that have no images that require compressing have an average conversion rate of 11.40%. Pages with over 1MB of potential image compression have an average conversion rate of 9.80%.


Pages that have indications of social proof in the form of copy have an average conversion rate of 12.50%, in comparison to pages without social proof that only convert at 11.40% on average.


Landing pages that drive traffic from email (solely or in addition to other sources) convert on average at 13%.


Landing pages that have a mobile page are correlated with an average conversion rate of 11.70%, in comparison to landing pages that don’t have a mobile page which convert on average at 10.70%


29.5% of landing pages have too much copy — and an average conversion rate of 11.10%. Landing pages that are word-count-conscious convert on average at 14.30%.

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