Don't Be Boring.

December 18, 2019

Who likes to be bored?

Good design simplifies (which is hard to do, but what we strive for on every project). We live in a world with much complexity, and there is nothing like using the sensibilities of design to unpack problems.

Creativity is the foundation of good design.

Consider Acorns — it’s an amazing app. But it’s the intuitive and thoughtful design that make it stand-out in a banking industry that that lacks any creativity.

74-percent of respondents agree it’s important for businesses to focus on good design and two-thirds (65%) also believe that good design is more important now than it was five years ago. Creative companies are more likely to have satisfied customers (80%) and provide a better customer experience (78%). Consumers vote with their wallets and their loyalty. Almost half pay more for a product or service that has good design and 59 percent say they would be more loyal to a brand that has good design.

It pays (literally) to have good design.