Should I Create a Business Yelp Account?

December 18, 2019

Yes. You Should.

I’m telling you, it seems so simple, but it will increase your traffic exponentially! I set up a Yelp account for one of our clients to help improve their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and that alone increased the traffic to their site by doubled their in-bound leads. And it takes literally 10 minutes to set up.


To set up Business Yelp account go to

A couple of pointers when setting up your account:

Make your cover photo one of your best pictures of your product or service. Don’t have professional photos? That’s ok. Just take a picture with your phone's camera and use the “Vivid” filter. This will give it a brighter, more professional look and even out any shadows in your shot.

Add A LOT of pictures.  People want to see what they’re getting before they purchase.  This includes pictures of your office or facility.

Under the ‘Meet the Business Owner’ tab, take time to add a picture of yourself and a short blurb about why you’re passionate about your business. You don’t have to be long winded; 2 to 3 sentences are enough.

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Once you register a new account, you might get a call from a Yelp representative offering to help upgrade your account with ads and special features. Because I was curious, I sat through a 20-minute phone presentation from a very sweet salesperson and I will admit, it was impressive.  I would probably recommend an upgrade if the market in your area/industry is saturated (meaning 20 or more businesses offering your same product or service).  Otherwise, purchasing an upgrade, in my humble opinion, is not necessary. The basic version is what I opted for.

We hope this helps!

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